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Do you want to grow your Amazon sales?

I'm Daniel Fernandez and I started the AMZ Clever Agency to help sellers grow their sales on Amazon. My secret is simply the large number of hours I've spent looking at Amazon sales and ads data for my clients which is why now I know what works and what doesn't work.

There's no substitute for experience and my commitment to you is to stay personable and reachable if we decide to work together. Some sellers are looking for someone to manage and grow their whole account, other sellers are looking for someone to manage their PPC or AMS advertisement.

I am looking only for the clients that I can help grow their business, unfortunately some sellers are not willing to invest to grow their business or they just hope it will grow by doing what everybody else is doing. My time is limited and I want to use it giving my very best for my clients.

If you are serious and have some questions about working together, go now to the Contact section of this website found below and send me a message. Tell me a little about what you're looking for so we can schedule a time to chat.

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Daniel Fernandez

AMZ Clever - Founder

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Amazon Marketplace Management

We list, optimize and manage listings for Sellers and Vendors who want to increase Amazon sales and improve their margins


PPC Advertising Management

Full service Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) management


AMS Advertising Management

Full service Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) management for sellers and vendors. Unlocking the AMS platform, Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads, Sponsored Product Ads

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From 80% average cost of sale (ACoS) down to 20.80% for the year
— Jack H. - Amazon Seller
Average cost of sale (ACoS) less than 5%!!!
— Kimera Koffee
Recently launched account with no reviews and sales started coming in thanks to PPC
— Jamie Kynx Brands


USA / China



7518 E Fullerton Rd.

Springfield, VA

22153 USA


966-968 Anling Rd.

Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian




daniel [at] amzclever [dot] com

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